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Senior Information

Each Senior should follow their Zoned School's social media pages and refer to their website often.

Mrs. Keasler will email you all information about the dates and times received from your Zoned School, but
it is important for you to do your part so we won't miss any dates.

don't forget to remember

Remember, you are not a student at the zoned school, you just participate on their campus. All questions, transcript requests,
forms and complaints should be directed to the Houston County Virtual Academy. 

Zoned schools can not access your information, sign for anything on your behalf or provide any documents. 
SSI forms, recommendations and ACT information will need to come from Houston County Virtual Academy.

Our ACT code is 977157. Make sure you use this code when registering for the test. Failure to do so will prevent your counselor
from being able to access your score.