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HCVA K-8 Counselor

Carole Cobb

 Carol Cobb

Carole Cobb

Hi Everyone! My name is Carole Cobb and I am the school counselor for grades 1-8!  I am excited to be your counselor, and I plan to get to know each one of you.  Some of my responsibilities are:

  • Enrolling and withdrawing students
  • Setting up student schedules
  • Updating contact information 
  • Keeping cumulative files up to date on each student
  • Talking with parents and students about issues they may be having, and finding ways to help you be successful.
  • Test Coordinator for ACAP
  • Notifying parents and students of upcoming events
  • Counselor - Large group, small group and individual

I am available to you and your parents Monday - Thursday…I love to help!!!

When I was in elementary school I got my name on the board all the time for talking too much! Now, I have this great job where I get to talk all the time.  I talk to students, parents, teachers, administrators, and many, many others!  I hope to get to know each one of you this year, and I hope I can invite you to the school and to other interesting locations, so we can socialize!